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living alone should not mean being alone

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How to Use Reachout Wellness App 

The App is designed for family and/or friends to use in tracking the daily activities of a loved one designated as the Key Member ("KM"), without physically intruding into their life. It is a tool for those who live alone, are aging and who may be suffering from health issue(s) that limit their everyday activities and interaction with other people. The App uses a triangulated User topology where a Key Member ("KM") is supported by two other persons, a Primary Monitor (“PM”) and a  Secondary Monitor (“SM”) forming a ROW Team (“Team”) of users (“Users”). It can accommodate an infinite number of such Teams by limiting each Team member to performing up to three different roles in up to three different Teams. Independently, the App also provides Users with functionality that assists them, their family members or cohabitants, including dependents (“Dependents”) and care providers (Care Providers”) with the management of medications, refills, medical appointments and related transportation.

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Living alone should not mean being alone.

Stay connected. Be there Virtually.

Know when your loved one is inactive. Manage medication intake, doctors' appointments, and visits.

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