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Does each member of a team have to pay for the subscription?
No. Only only one member of a team pays. The “Gold” level subscription is for a team of three members.

What is the difference in features between the Silver & Gold versions?
Answer: With the Silver version one does not have access to the Team monitoring feature, limited access to the full health management feature such as the one for appointments, can only have one ROW Team, and comes with advertisements. The Gold version has all the features that the app has to offer and comes with no advertisements.

Can Users be located in different parts of the world?
Yes. Members of a ROW Team can be located in any part of the world with an activated mobile(phone) device & service.

On what platform is Reachout Wellness running?
Android and iOS (Apple).

What version of  Operating System do I need for Reachout Wellness?
5.0 and above for Android devices. 12.0 and above for Apple devices. Check to make sure that your device software is up to date.

What “activity” or “interaction” on/with the device is being tracked?
The only activity/interaction being monitored by the Reachout Wellness app is that the phone device is being used. It does not monitor the activities of the users. Whereby the phone device is not used within a set period of hours, the phone will notify the appropriate member or members of a ROW Team about the inactivity of their “Key Member”.

What happens if one changes their phone?
Download the app and log in to your account

What is "Monitoring Alarm Time"?
Monitoring Alarm Time is the frequency at which a Team Coordinator is notified of a Key Member status - "Active" or ""Inactive". It can be set up to a maximum of 8 hours. The frequency for a healthy person should be higher than that of a sick person. For example, eight (8) hours for a healthy person and 1 (one) hour for a sick person. 



Living alone should not mean being alone.

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