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living alone should not mean being alone

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The trend of living alone is on the rise globally, with single-person households increasing by 10% in the last decade.

This phenomenon affects individuals aged 18 and over, with millions of people now living alone. The phenomenon has brought with it, an increase in need for healthcare services and medication management.

ReachOut Wellness is an app that addresses these issues by helping individuals stay connected with friends and family.

The app allows users to easily create a support network, known as a "triangle of support", and stay informed about “Key Member” well-being.

Don't let living alone mean living disconnected. Download ReachOut Wellness now and set up your support team.

The app is user-friendly, easy to use, and efficient in connecting you to your loved ones.

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Joe lives in Washington, DC, and is one of the millions of people around the world who live alone and need to manage his medication intake and doctors' appointments. Not wanting to be part of the statistics of those who became ill, incapacitated, and went unnoticed for an unacceptable period of time while living alone, he installed and is using Reachout Wellness ("ROW") app as the Key Member in a three-person Joe's ROW Team made up of his cousin, Marco and their friend Stella. The App allows Marco & Stella to virtually monitor Joe's daily activities. ROW app is easy to use and none of Joe's private information, such as the medication list, is passed to others without his permission.
Marco is a cousin of Joe who lives in Florida and uses the ROW app as the Coordinating Member in Joe's Team and was the one who set up the Team. The ROW app allows him to receive automated messages from Joe's cell phone whenever Joe is not active for a certain period of time aside from his nap and sleep times. Marco, just like Joe, can also maintain all his medical appointments and medication schedules with the App. Marco and his wife can also use the ROW app to manage the medical schedules and medications, as care providers for their children. Marco is color-blind but the ROW app is designed to compensate for that as well.
Stella lives in Canada and uses ROW App as a Standby Member in Joe's ROW Team. She only receives alerts sent by Joe's ROW app to Marco, if Marco is unable to react to them within a set time limit. Like Joe and Marco, she can also manage all her medical records locally on her cellphone. Stella can also use ROW App as the Key Member in a second three-person ROW Team and as the Coordinating Member in yet another ROW Team. That is possible because the ROW app offers a team triangulation feature that can accommodate an unlimited number of ROW Teams without complicating the operation of the App for each user.


Living alone should not mean being alone.

Stay connected. Be there Virtually.

Know when your loved one is inactive. Manage medication intake, doctors' appointments, and visits.

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